Time tracking in a smart and convenient way on your iPhone.

Easy from the start

Do not waste your time, stay mobile

Time tracking has never been so easy and intuitive. All you need is just to choose a task and a client/project and start tracking time with the record button. On the bottom of the screen you can see your current tracked time. This makes your daily time tracking super fast and easy.

Easy managing with quick facts

Manage your task and clients/projects easily. With remove and add buttons you can delete or add additional tasks and projects at any time. On the top of the screen you get a quick overview of all your tracked times. You see how many hours you worked on current day, week and month.

Full control of your entries

Fill out your time sheet in seconds

Adding time sheet entries with DueTime is easy. Press the "plus" button and you are almost ready. Choose begin and end time, select your task and project, and you are done. Of course you can add breaks and notes for each of your entries.

Powerful editing

Fine-tuning of your entered time is easy, too. Want to adjust the duration of your break? Nothing is easier than that. Tap on the break and change the duration. You can add a note, breaks and change project, begin and end date for each existing entry.

Clear summary about working time

To obtain reports quickly

Days overview

Delivers a report about recorded working time for a particular day with all details, such as project, task, breaks, start- and stop time. Each entry can be edited by tapping on it or deleted using the swipe gesture. If the DueTime app is in the time tracking mode, the currently running task is marked with red-colored start- and stop time. Day screen also provides a possibility to create new entries directly by tapping the plus button. At the bottom of the day screen a summary about working time for a specific day is shown. This makes it possible to quickly see if you are already working overtime.

Weeks overview

Sums up recorded working time for a week and shows simplified reports for each working day in the week. In the week overview it also possible to see how many hours one worked during the whole week, which is interesting for employees that receive their salary once a week.

Months overview

Shows the summary over the whole month grouped by the weeks contained in that particular month. Month overview shows a simplified report about the entire workload for a month. When one taps at the export-button, a monthly report containing all details will be prepared.

Intuitive Navigation

The day, week and month overview are similar to Calendar app running on the iPhone or iPod touch. This type of navigation allows to quickly move from one overview to another one. The today-button moves someone directly to the current date. If DueTime app is in the Time Recorder mode, the context label at the bottom of the screen is colored red, so that the user knows, that time tracking for a task or a job is started.

Customized overviews

Use your own filters

You want to see how much time you worked for a specific project or task? In the easy accessible filter setup select projects and tasks you want to see in your overwiew. All entries that match your filter criteria appear then in your overview. At the bottom of your overwiew you can see how much time you spent for selected projects or tasks. You will never be cluttered by unimportant information. This allows you to better manage a huge number of different projects and tasks.

Integrated data backup and recovery

No worries about data loss

Using a Gmail™ account you can backup your data and restore it at any time. Your data is safe and will never get lost. In addition, you can easily exchange your data between mulitple iOS devices.

Excel Export

Export from every overview

Depending on the overview the export has been started from, DueTime automatically sets filter criteria. For instance, when starting export from the month overview, the export will automatically be preconfigured for that particular month. DueTime provides possibility for export of both, specified customer projects or all projects, working time has been recorded for.

Compatible to common spreadsheet tools

Generated export file can be sent via e-mail directly from the DueTime app to the office in order to be processed. DueTime creates Excel XLSX or CSV - files that can be viewed and edited in all common spreadsheet tools, such as Excel, Numbers and Open Office.